Reduce Unnecessary Credit Card Processing Fees

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on corporate spending, Impactful Profits may be able to help you lower your credit card processing fees. Merchant card fees is one of the most common expense categories where we are able to find savings for our clients. These fees include fees assessed by major card brands like Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard and charges to the contracted processor for sales clearing for the card companies. Our analysts have the knowledge and expertise necessary to both identify and negotiate merchant fees and rates so your transactions are processed most efficiently.

Impactful Profits will carefully analyze your current fees and rates for credit card processing based on statements from the processor that clears on behalf of the card brands. We recognize that over long periods of time, incorrect fees, entries and small errors can build up over time causing you excess and redundant charges that can upset your cash flow and negatively impact your business’s bottom line. You don’t have to keep paying inflated and hidden processing fees. We often find that companies who are using tiered or bundled structures are paying more than necessary. Tired pricing may seem enticing because they lead with the best rates, but processing fees are often buried. Additionally, implementing cash discount programs allow you to reduce the amount you pay in merchant fees and help your customers save more on regular purchases.

Impactful Profits will work for you to help you find the maximum amount of savings possible and in many cases, help you maintain a relationship with your current merchant services vendor. Our experts will work with your provider to negotiate lower costs and better terms. Going forward we’ll continue to monitor your monthly statements to look out for incorrect fees and errors that may raise costs in the future. The best part about working with us is that we only get paid if we save you money. When you reach out, we’ll conduct a free audit with no risk to you. If we can help you save money, we’ll donate 5% of our compensation to an Impact Fund which can be used to help a charity or organization of your choice. You can improve your cash flow while also doing good for the community. 

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